Beach volleyball all day long!



London's favourite day of beach volleyball is back at SideOut Beach in Leyton and, new for 2019, it's now also hitting the South Coast at SideOut Beach in Worthing! 

Want to just play with friends? Prefer to avoid the pressure of tournament competition? Want to meet new people to play with? Like to hang out on the 'beach' with good food and drinks in a relaxed vibe with awesome tunes? Or just want to turn up and play without the hassle of pre-registering in advance? Either way, All You Can Play beach volleyball is just right for you!


AYCP is available on various weekends throughout the year at both of our venues. Simply check the events calendar or the homepage to find out exactly when! 


In case you didn't already know, here's how it works:

- Step 1: Turn up at any time during the day - alone or with friends. No need to pre-register!

- Step 2: Pay £12 per person or just £7 if you are a registered member of SideOut Beach Volleyball Club and you present your new Club membership card (downloadable as a PDF from our registration system). We accept cash or card payments. 


- Step 3: Just play! Courts are available from 10.30am until 7:30pm and all levels are welcome!


See you on the sand!



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