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What does Membership include?

Membership of the Club includes access to training sessions, discounts on events and court hire, access to our tournaments (which are open only to Members or holders of Single Event Passes) and more - in both Leyton and Worthing and for a full 365 days! Of course, some of these perks will only become available as and when the current COVID-19  rules and guidance permit.   

When will I train?

In short, whenever and as often as you want!* 


Due to the circumstances and the delayed start to the season, this year we will be offering a modified training structure which will offer maximum flexibility.

You can therefore purchase add-on training packages and choose to use your sessions however you like, whether it's by training a leisurely once a week, going pro and training every day or just taking it easy and simply training every now and then!

*Subject to court and coach availability of course! 

What does it cost?

Membership is £21 and all players participating in any training sessions must be members. The add-on training packages are charged in addition to the £21 membership fee as follows: 

- 1 session: £70

- Package of 5 sessions: £300 (£60 per session) 

- Package of 10 sessions: £550 (£55 per session) 

* A training group can be made up of any number of people up to a maximum of 5, but the total price for the group will always be the same regardless of how may people are in the group. If you would like to substitute players (for example because someone is not available for a session), you are welcome to do so as long as all players taking part are members.

Training fees must be paid by bank transfer. Please transfer the full amount to the SideOut Beach Volleyball Club bank account (details on the registration page) and email us to confirm payment has been made.

What happens next?

Once you've signed up for Membership and made your payment, your Membership of the Club will become valid immediately. We recommend downloading the PDF of your Membership Card and storing it on your smart phone. You will then be able to sign up for training and tournaments and take advantage of all of the benefits!


If you have also added on one of the training packages, we will contact you directly by email to confirm the details of your training sessions.

More questions?

Drop us a line using the contact form below!

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