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Vangelis legacy fund

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Vangelis Koutouleas, the Maestro of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, created a captivating symphony of skills, passion and excellence on every court he graced. His extraordinary coaching style and unparalleled people management skills transformed athletes into dream chasers, aspiring for the pinnacle of the sport – the ultimate crescendo, the Olympic Games. Stepping onto his court was like entering Vangelis' Symphony: expertly choreographed drills, rhythmic movements, and players perfecting their skills with each repetition, all guided by the Maestro’s unique blend of gentle finesse and fiery passion, preparing them for the next grand concerto.


More than anything else, Vangelis dedicated himself to ensuring his athletes found joy on the court, be it on hard or sandy surfaces, consistently leaving them with smiles on their faces. His unwavering commitment and selflessness made "No" an unfamiliar word in his vocabulary. Witnessing his teams, his players and their families shine, progress and thrive in the sport was his ultimate satisfaction.


Throughout a lifetime of playing and coaching, Vangelis forged friendships worldwide, bringing people together with his big heart and love for cooking. His dedication extended beyond the court, as he generously helped and cared for friends old and new, and touched the lives of athletes from young novices to seasoned professionals. This ethos is embodied in the Vangelis Legacy Fund, a testament to his life philosophy.


While Vangelis may no longer be with us physically, his spirit and his impact endure, and his legacy lives on through the Vangelis Legacy Fund. Our mission is simple: support young athletes, nurture their potential and ensure they thrive in the sports he cherished – Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. This epitomises Vangelis’ own mission as a coach, mentor, leader and father figure to all his athletes.


If you need assistance, the Vangelis Legacy Fund is here for you, honouring the memory of a coach and co-founder who meant more than words can express.


Our Mission

The Vangelis Legacy Fund stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of an extraordinary individual, Vangelis, who was not only a remarkable father, friend, athlete, coach, and human being but also an inspirational force within the realm of volleyball and beach volleyball. Established in his memory, this foundation embodies his passion for sports and the profound impact he made on the lives of those around him.

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Break Down

Financial Barriers

Driven by a heartfelt commitment to breaking down financial barriers, the core mission of the Vangelis Legacy Fund is to create opportunities for children and young people to immerse themselves in the world of volleyball and beach volleyball. By raising funds, the fund seeks to eliminate economic obstacles that may hinder the pursuit of excellence in these sports, ensuring that aspiring athletes can access the resources and support needed to nurture their talents.

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